I only got a few shirts in my wardrobe but most of them are personalized. I don’t use them often though. I have ordered online quite a few number of blogger shirts and still thinking of adding more. I have t-shirts with my website address and somehow it helps to promote my blog. Besides it helps define my style. You won’t be afraid to walk around the street and find other people with the same design because it is personalized and of course unique.

Want to have your own design too? It is very easy. Check the website for some personalized shirts and create your style. You may also design your own hoodie too. You may first create your layout and then finalize before going into printing or adding to your cart. These are all made easy in just one click. Pick from the many selections available in the website. I should know. My good friend, who is one of the best appliance repair contractors, helps us with our home design regularly.

If you’re like most of us, you want go to downtown with your poodle in your purse. But how do you keep your seats from getting covered in hair, one quick tip is to use a dog car seat cover. These things work wonders. I have one and it saves me so much trouble!

If you’re low on cash you may even want to consider using one of those review sites to earn some extra cash! At the same time be sure to read the reviews. I just read the Swagbucks review by The Simple Wealth and it really put things into prespective.  Also, personalized t-shirts or other items with message that you want are very good idea especially during holidays where you can send them as giveaways to your friends, colleagues and relatives. It is a walking advertisement, don’t you think?

I maybe too late for this posting but I still want to post it anyway. I’ve seen her transformed from old Jinkee to a new and glamorous lady but I want to see the difference and clicked her twin to see. But here’s what I found out.

“The twin is also doing some procedures so they don’t end up looking too different,” says Belo.

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