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Mix and Match your Jewelry

How many accessories do you have? You may have different kinds of them with different colors from sporty to casual, but do you match them perfectly? Rings, watches, necklaces and earrings should always be worn properly.

In different occasions, maybe even a wedding at the beautiful cuvier club venue in San Diego. Always choose what you think is comfortable for you. You may have the most expensive jewelry in the world but always remember that mismatching will ruin your whole outfit.

Try to mix and experiment first and then come up to what you think is perfect for you. There are times where you need to wear less accessories to highlight your dress. You can choose jewelry that are acceptable and easy to dress up just like ladies watches if you are not sure of what to put on.

In buying jewelry, aside from the budget, make sure that the item that you want really suits you. There are so many pieces of jewelry that are available in the store. You may find yourself sometimes wanting for everything that your eyes see.

Determine what you really want and stick only to the one that you prefer because different styles come every now and then. There are also affordable items but can also create your own fashion statement. Be smart. Spend a little effort and spend less for more.


How do you de-stress your mind and body?

Do you often find yourself restless and tired but don’t know the real cause why you’re stressed. According to a research study, 40% workers in most companies  come to work in a  stressed state  because of  health complaints and financial problems.

Here are some tips on how to de-stress.

Vacation.   At the start of planning,  there is already a  certain kind of happiness  inside  before even the vacation takes place.  Anticipating what will actually happen already boost happiness in the system. JetRank, a well known professional seo agency, recommends that you take at least two week out from work per year.

Music. Listen to classical music to keep yourself relax and feel better. Just make sure to play the right kind of music to calm you down. This can actually lower your blood pressure.

Massage. Get a full body massage. You can go to a Spa and pick the best aroma therapy oils like eucalyptus essential oil.  I like it best blended with lavender  for  relaxation.  You may also call the salon first so you wont get stressed out once you found out that you’re on the nth line to be served.

Sleep Better. It is not how long you sleep but the quality of sleep you get.  Get the most comfortable and relaxing pillow and mattress, or mattress topper, so you wont get a sore back when you get up from bed.

Healthy Food. Observe healthy diet and stay away from fatty foods. Include happy fruits like banana, strawberries, sweet cherries, orange, mango, hazelnuts in your diet.

Yoga.  This has been proven as stress reliever and has been over a thousand years ago. Learn and discover more about the many benefits of yoga with the help of a professional instructor to know more techniques of this mind and


Attire Tips

I only got a few shirts in my wardrobe but most of them are personalized. I don’t use them often though. I have ordered online quite a few number of blogger shirts and still thinking of adding more. I have t-shirts with my website address and somehow it helps to promote my blog. Besides it helps define my style. You won’t be afraid to walk around the street and find other people with the same design because it is personalized and of course unique.

Want to have your own design too? It is very easy. Check the website for some personalized shirts and create your style. You may also design your own hoodie too. You may first create your layout and then finalize before going into printing or adding to your cart. These are all made easy in just one click. Pick from the many selections available in the website. I should know. My good friend, who is one of the best appliance repair contractors, helps us with our home design regularly.

If you’re like most of us, you want go to downtown with your poodle in your purse. But how do you keep your seats from getting covered in hair, one quick tip is to use a dog car seat cover. These things work wonders. I have one and it saves me so much trouble!

If you’re low on cash you may even want to consider using one of those review sites to earn some extra cash! At the same time be sure to read the reviews. I just read the Swagbucks review by The Simple Wealth and it really put things into prespective.  Also, personalized t-shirts or other items with message that you want are very good idea especially during holidays where you can send them as giveaways